GUIDE | How To Apply Beard Oil With a Brush

There's not many things that make a beardsman happier than enthusiastically rubbing beard oil right into his face warmer. Although, there's one problem afterwards: oily hands. It's oil, so it won't come off with just water no matter how hard you try. Luckily, with a tiny bit of hand wash (or even washing up liquid) the beard oil will wash straight off your hands.

That said, some people might not want the oil on their hands in the first place. You might like to apply beard oil somewhere other than a bathroom: on the train, at the supermarket, in line at the Post Office when you've got an hour to kill before you get served. So, we've got a guide on how to apply beard oil without touching it.


In this guide, I use:

Viking Beard Oil Beardbase
One of our Special Edition Beard Oils (in this case, The Viking).

Beard Brush Beardbase
A Beard Brush (or a comb, but in this case we use the Kent brush).



The Guide: 


So there you have it, an easy and quick way to apply Beard Oil if you've got one of our pipette cap beard oils (The Viking / The Lover) and a brush or comb. You're free. You no longer have to apply beard oil near a sink so that you can wash your hands immediately after. You could apply beard oil at the top of a mountain and have dry, oil-free hands to pump into the air in celebration of your feat.



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