VIDEO | Should You Dye Your Beard?

One of the questions we get asked most via Twitter, Facebook, Emails, etc. is "how can I fill in my cheeks more?" from disgruntled beard growers who are dissatisfied with the current coverage of their facial hair.

Well, a grooming regime to sharpen cheek lines and thickening your hair with Beard Oil can certainly help. But for some it's more a problem of how fair the cheek hair is. Dark haired men are often blessed with thick, dark beards; their patchiness is often the root of poor coverage (largely down to not letting it grow long enough or having not been genetically blessed). However, for fair hair men a cause can often be the much lighter hair on their cheeks giving the illusion of a lack of beard coverage.

So, I grabbed some beard dye and tried to darken the hair on my cheeks, which in theory would make my beard look fuller. Watch below to see how it went:


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