Beards are not a fad.

One thing that’s really starting to get under my skin is the few sources claiming that beards are a fashion fad that’ll be dead and gone by the end of the year.

“Beards are apparently on their way out. Well, so says the Razor companies, and we all know why they’re saying that.”


The above quote perfectly sums up my issue with these rumours: they’re (not surprisingly) being spread by razor companies who are trying to claw back their lost revenue. King of Shaves CEO Will King recently made a keynote speech where he acknowledged this:

"The men’s market in razors and blades in the UK and the USA has actually declined. That’s never, ever happened and it’s driving my competitors, and to a certain extent me, a little bit crazy."

This blatantly shows that the razor companies are frustrated by their dwindling sales figures and are desperately trying to find a way to capture back their revenue. So how are they doing that? They’re sending out press releases declaring the beard as a dying, uncool fad. A Telegraph reporter recently wrote an article airing his grievances with this:

"In 2014, we’re told, the chin is in. [..] The ‘proof’ of this lies in my inbox. Only a few days ago I received a press release with “Say Goodbye To The Beard!” in its subject header".

"It’s no coincidence, of course, that the release comes from a company promoting – you guessed it – shaving products".

So the beard is on the way out, according to frustrated razor companies, but if you listen to real people, you’ll quickly learn we love beards. They’re not going anywhere.

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