Why you probably shouldn't buy Beard Oil from Etsy, eBay and shady beard companies.

You might not realise it, but beard oil has the potential to be dangerous if the ratios of certain ingredients are out of whack. As with any cosmetic product, some ingredients in high concentrations (mainly the fragrances) are likely to irritate the skin greatly, with some that could lead to long term skin damage if left undiluted on the skin for a long period of time.

That's exactly why any company is legally supposed to get any cosmetic product analysed by a toxicologist and signed off as being a recipe that if perfectly safe.

This is where our concern comes in: a legitimate business who goes through the process correctly, carefully and safely will produce a great, safe product, but many small businesses skip this part as the reports are very costly (toxicologists don't consult for free) and take months to produce.

Even scarier is the fact that a lot of the people on Esty, eBay, etc. aren't even businesses - they're just people. They are not legitimate businesses who've invested time and money into formulating a great, safe product, they're just one person trying to quickly cash in on the beard trend.

Our social media accounts get new beard oil retailers following us daily and we often see from their photos that their branding, packaging and labelling are of exceptionally low quality and are half-assed and rushed - if their physical product is so rushed and low quality, do you really think they've undertook some costly and time-consuming toxicology tests?

If you buy beard oil from these companies/people you could seriously harm your skin. We've seen people discussing their beard oil on forums and one person spoke about their recipe, 1/3 of which was an ingredient that the EU deems harmful if more than 1% of the product consists of it.

Safety is important to us, so all of our products are EU certified. Unless a company mentions it, assume they're not EU safety tested.

DON'T HARM YOUR BEARD AND FACE. Please don't buy from a company that isn't EU safety certified.

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