Beards in London: #Project60 and the Beard exhibit

We recently took a trip to London to visit a few barbershops and noticed that our timing coincided with an interesting exhibit at Somerset House: Beard by Mr. Elbank.

The exhibition consisted of over 80 photos from Mr. Elbank's collection of beard portraits, including beardsmen like the legendary actor John Hurt, USA goalkeeper Tim Howard and Jimmy Niggles - the bloke behind the Beard Season movement.

The photos were incredible and it was great to see such an awesome display of top facial hair getting the limelight it deserves. Perhaps even better was the incredible beards on show in the attendees of the exhibit!

In addition to some new portraits taken specifically for Somerset House, the main body of the work was the 60 portraits from Mr. Elbank's #Project60 campaign, which saw 60 beardsmen (including one or two beardswomen) sit for stunning portrait photographs in order to raise awareness of the Beard Season campaign.

Beard Season is an incredible charity initiative started by Jimmy Niggles after the death of a close friend to skin cancer - Jimmy grew his iconic beard as a conversation starter to raise awareness of the preventable disease and share his friend's story. Mr. Niggles quickly became an internet sensation after his portrait from Mr. Elbank and has since done excellent work spreading his message across the globe.

The exhibit has been a huge success and we wish Beard Season all the best: to support it, we picked up a portrait of Jimmy Niggles to display at the office, to remind us of the wonderful power one beard can have. Also, we've just grabbed a pack of Beard Season's #Project60 playing cards from the Beard Season store: from 

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