4 Foods That Betray You When You've Got A Beard

One of the big disadvantages of being bearded is that your favourite food betrays you. Here's a few of the worst offenders.


Beardsman holds a pint of beer

One of the first is Beer. Your normal loyal companion can often find itself off on a jaunt down from your mouth towards your neck. At which point, it stops off for a rest in your beard. Then again, scientists have found beards that brew antibiotic bacteria in them, so perhaps beer is just trying to find itself a nice warm home to continue brewing in.

Ice Cream

Ice Cream gets in your beard

Secondly, there's Ice Cream. It's a hot day, you need cooling down and you're quite peckish. Naturally, in this scenario Ice Cream is your complete life saver. However, not quite: Ice Cream betrays you when you inevitably somehow manage to miss your face. It slides down your face, melting as it goes and before you know it you've got a sticky beard full of sugary dairy.


Beard betraying food: Soup

This classic, easy food stuff is a lunch staple. Regular people don't know how good they've got it, not having to be scared of soup. It's lunch time, they're in the office and are a bit peckish, so whip out their Thermos of chicken noodle and whack it in the microwave, eating it at their desk whilst browsing Facebook. Beardsmen on the other hand have to treat soup with the upmost respect. Even when we do, it still repays us by dripping off the spoon and down your chin. Wipe it off with a tissue all you want, but unless you drink it with a straw, you need to go home and shampoo your beard.


BBQ Sauce

BBQ Ribs strike fear into beardsmen

The final worst culprit of setting up camp in your beard is anything covered in BBQ sauce, which just happens to be mostly the best foodstuffs: chicken wings, ribs, steak. That's a big trio of food to give up if you decide to go cold turkey on BBQ. Sometimes you might change your mind as the allure of that beautiful sauce becomes too much, but it rarely pays off: before you know it your beard is sticking to your face and you need to shower instantly.


The Solution

Specially formulated Beard Shampoo and organic beard wash from beardbase

Thankfully, we've got your back. We've made a shampoo that's specifically formulated for beards: no harsh soaps, no parabens, no MIT. Just gentle cleansing. So you can drink all the beer and eat all the soup, ice cream and BBQ sauce you like, because you know you can clean it all out of your beard without stripping it of its softness. You're welcome!


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