5 Ways To Earn Your Beard

Contrary to popular belief, having a beard is not a god-given right. It's something that has to be earned.
To earn your right to having a beard, you must embody a true beardsman through your actions. How do you do this? There are many ways. Here's a few to give you an idea on how you can Earn Your Beard.

1. Carry in all of the shopping in one go.

The ultimate man-accomplishment. Showing that you don't waste time with multiple trips, whilst also displaying that you've got the beardsman-power capable of lifting all of your shopping in at once. Notice the shaven men in the background who can't lift all of their shopping? Well you can, beardsman. You've provided sustenance for yourself and your family quickly, without wasting time - you've earned your beard. 


2. Chop Firewood

You've fed yourself and your family with the groceries that you've just carried in in one go. Now you need to keep them warm. How? Fancy electric heaters like those baby faced shaven men use? No. You're a true beardsman, who chops his own wood using his muscles and beard strengh, using real fire to keep you and your family warm. You've earned your beard.


3. Fish With Your Bare Hands

Channel your inner grizzly bear and catch fish the good old fashioned way. You sure as sh*t don't need a fancypants fishing rod to do your job for you - just wade in, spot your prey and pick that b**tard right out of the water. Job done, beard earned.


4. Ride A Motorcycle

Fish and Chips. Guns 'n' Roses. Drum and Bass. Ross and Rachel. Some things are meant to go together. Beards and Motorcycles are one of those things - if you ride a motorcycle, you can bet you're now qualified to grow out your beard. 


5. Do DIY

Non-bearded folk need help in lots of situations. Having a beard gives you the knowledge of the inner workings of your home. Good at hanging radiators and fixing things? You're a beardsman. Make sure your face acts like it.



Now that you've earned your beard, take care of it! Check out our Viking beard oil here.

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