Beard. James Beard.

James Bond. A long standing icon as British as Stephen Fry and cups of tea. Is it time he sported some facial hair?

"James Bond has always been fully shaven" you might say. A fair point. That said, after a long history of being consistently represented as a tall, dark and handsome, some eyebrows were raised when 5ft 8 blonde Daniel Craig was cast. However, after seeing the films taken in a new direction with grittier storylines and a Bond who really looks like he could kill someone with his bare hands, the current Bond films are more successful than ever.

With regard to Daniel Craig's upcoming replacement, there's been rumours circulating about further distancing from the typical James Bond by casting Idris Elba in the role. Given that Elba is normally sporting at least a Moustache and Goatee, would this casting see the first incarnation of Bond with permanent facial hair?

It might sound far-fetched, but it wouldn't be the first time we've seen beards in recent Bond films. In Pierce Brosnan's last performance as 007 we saw a huge Bond Beard when he returned from being held prisoner.

In Skyfall we saw Bond go uncharacteristically stubbly when he was in Shanghai during an assassination scene - to the point that this was addressed by the filmmakers who later had Moneypenny shave him in a scene that made a lot of beardsmen very uncomfortable.

Now in Daniel Craig's fourth outing as 007 one of the villains is the absolute mountain of a man that is Dave Bautista, who sports a combination of all-over-stubble and a goatee.

As unlikely as it may be, the current iteration of Bond is keeping up with modern times by portraying the character in a much manlier, grittier way than before, so if there's the possibility of a bearded Bond in the near future then we're all for it!

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