Beardstache - The Best Compromise For Movember?

For some the month of November is an opportunity to have some fun and raise some money for charity through the Movember initiative. A great time for all. 

Unless, that is, if you're extremely attached to your amazing beard. You've worked hard on it. You've created quite the bond between yourself and your facial fuzz. You might've even named it. To shave it off may well raise money for charity, but to shave it off would surely be to kill your furry friend?

Well, rejoice because we might've found the solution: the Beardstache.

Once upon a time touted as the end of the full beard, the Beardstache is the coupling of stubble with a much longer moustache.

The Beardstache is a great compromise if you don't want to go fully shaven this Movember (perhaps your jawline isn't very strong, perhaps you'd end up with a half-tanned-half-pale face that would look weird) as you can maintain a large portion of your ruggedness whilst drawing more attention to your moustache for the month. Alternatively you could simply take part in No-Shave-November instead, although let's face it that's no different from any other month for you.

Regardless of what decision you make, either way there's Decembeard to look forward to afterwards, so whatever you've done to your beard in November can be gradually worked back to it's bushy best.

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