Actor Will Forte Tests His Beard For Poop Live On Air

We all remember seeing the reports flying around. Quite frankly it was a dark time to be a beardsman. Texts, Facebook messages, etc. from concerned friends and family members who all were letting us know that our beards were supposedly disgusting cess pools filled with poop particles. Cheers, guys.

Well, we knew that wasn't really the case. Don't worry: your beard is not full of poop (I mean, unless you're very much lacking in the personal hygiene department). But combating the misinformation was a difficult task, given that the original report had spread so virally online. We wrote a critical denunciation of the 'poo beard' findings, which you can read here, but by the time we'd written the article a large bit of damage had been done.

Actor Will Forte grew out a fantastic beard for his role as The Last Man On Earth, but kept being told it contained poop. So, in a fantastic tense clip on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, Will got his beard tested for poo bacteria. Waiting for the results was quite tense, but Will's fantastic beard came through and testing revealed that his beard didn't contain poo particles. Naturally, he was absolutely thrilled.

Regardless of if your beard contains poop, good beard hygiene is still good practice. Get some gentle beard shampoo (free from harsh soaps that regular shampoo contain) here.

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