About Us

What is beardbase.co.uk? 

We are an award-winning British company producing quality beard products such as Beard Oil, Beard Wash and Moustache Wax to help maintain the faces of those of us walking the hairy path to manliness.

In late 2013 beardbase.co.uk's founder Andy began a search for Beard Oil to soothe his itchy face fuzz, but could only find poor quality British products or American companies charging £10+ for postage. Determined to make great quality beard oil available to the beards of Great Britain, Andy begun developing his own range of Beard Oil, eventually refining the recipe still used in our Beard Oils today.

What's Important to Us?

We're striving to make the best products possible - for instance, when developing our beard oil we spent many painstaking months developing the best scents and getting the product fully EU safety certified - a step that many beard product manufacturers skip. We understand how important your beard is to you and so ensure that we know how to properly care for it.

How Good Are Our Products?

Just ask your fellow beardsmen! We consistently get glowing 5 Star customer reviews on all of our products from beardsmen across the globe who love using our products. We've also been featured in the Daily Star on Sunday's "Father's Day Gift Guide" and in The Independent's "Best Beard Oils" list.
Just some of our beardbase customers.
A handful of beardbase customer images.